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Native lilies, flaxes and orchids have exquisite details in their tiny flowers.

Biodiversity is an essential characteristic of any sustainable agricultural system, especially in the context of climate change.

School Excursions and Camps

We have developed a creative, flexible, learning program designed to provide an alternative learning framework for students of all ages and capabilities to connect with the Australian bush; understand the connection between climate, soil and water ecology; grow their knowledge of local flora and fauna and provide the basis for ongoing understanding of indigenous landscapes.

Goannas at Quatre SaisonsSchool groups can arrange a day visit or a camp over to participate in a nocturnal forest observation activity.

Details and activities can be tailored to suit the class size and curriculum area-day walks cover broad areas of the curriculum including geography, geology, botany and hydrology.

Australian mammals and monotremes are nocturnal, so a range of lesson modules has been designed around night walks and the study of insect, animal and bird habitats.