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For many becoming totally self-sufficient and living off the land may not be a very practical dream. However, there is nothing to stop you from becoming semi self-sufficient. It is very easy to start growing a few of your own vegetables and maybe keeping a few hens. Being so close to a city, I have been surprised by the number of enquiries we get for jersey house cows. Fresh dairy and produce are what every family desires and deserves.

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Livestock Guardians

We can supply Huacaya wethers (castrated alpaca males) or wether quality males (to be castrated) as herd protection animals to protect goats or sheep. They are an easy, low cost solution to preventing losses during lambing.

Meat Products for Sale

We supply quality carcass to order from our pasture fed, naturally raised F1 Wagyu cattle and heritage breed pig herds. Contact us for more information and availabilty.

Poultry for Sale

I enjoy the calm rhythm of a chooks daily habit- watching them scratch and investigate around the gardens and in their yard. I like their structured and quirky evening routine as they put themselves to bed at night.

Stud Breeding Animals for Sale

Animals that are hardy, and adaptable to various environments thriving even in harsh or marginal conditions, are often less expensive to raise because they need less care and are productive without expensive feeds.

Why Buy from a Local Farm

We sell only through accredited local abattoirs. You can purchase our produce in bulk using your butcher or one we can recommend for you, or by the kilo in ready to use packs. Buying from the farm gate ensures full traceability.