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No amount of economic figuring can measure the benefit to physical and emotional health that comes from living ‘with’ nature.

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Quatre Saisons Pure Breed Stud

Each season at Quatre Saisons brings a fresh perspective in every part of the property.

New life in the farms stud animals and new life springs forth from many rare and endangered plants in the properties abundant and diverse bush lands all year round.

Our approach to traditional animal husbandry and a very limited stud breeding program supports the health of our country and provides the highest breed standard we can achieve.

Piri - the champion ramWe have sourced top bloodlines to ensure our genetic lines are world class. This is reflected in the quality and resilience of our stock. Private selection of quality stud stock by appointment. Contact us for more information.

Each group of animals introduced forms a key piece of the biodynamic web that is our small holding. We have a very limited stud breeding program using pure bred heritage stock of the very best genetics available in this country.

We have chosen a truly self sustaining mixed farming model- just as it used to happen in much of human history. Every animal, every activity in rhythm with the next and in step with the seasons. We care a great deal about the welfare of our animals and understand the cycle of the seasons and life.

Heritage rare breed farm animals have sustained human development for centuries, and they continue to contribute important links back to a sustainable future.  We care about food miles, and in a small way we address the way lost in recent farming practices that treat animals as no more than chattels and commits degradation in the name of ‘efficiency’. Through the way we choose to live we value our livestock- their lives are an important contribution to our lives. The quality of their daily existence, the best natural nutrition and ensuring a respectful stress free death is important and returns to us the very best quality meat and dairy products that we can achieve.

Over 90 hectares of our country is governed by a binding agreement in partnership with the Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority- a Biodiversity Stewardship Protection agreement. This is a voluntary undertaking that commits us to protect Quatre Saisons’ forests and waterways and graze in a sustainable and strictly limited way.

How far food travels to reach your table is important to the sustainability of farming practices into the future. Food grown locally and harvested in season has the least impact on our environment. And animals raised, ethically fed and slaughtered in a closed system close to their markets of consumption contributes to limiting carbon emissions and providing the highest quality fresh food possible.

We sell quality beef, lamb, pork and dairy products through select providores to local restaurants and offer home packs through the farm gate. Contact us for further details or to join our waiting list.

Returning human use of natural resources to within sustainable limits will require a major collective effort. We like to think we are doing our part.