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Weanling Pigs

Superb piglets available in the spring and autumn. These piglets are up to 12 weeks old, weaned from sow at 6 weeks and pasture fed until sale, supplemented on cracked corn, fruit and vegetables.

Price: $0.00 / TBA (live weight based)


All prices are per kilo. while the average minimum box size is quoted above, please contact us during delivery week to finalise the packed weight of your order.

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Quatrè Saisons Kurobuta style pork is sourced from animals aged 8-12 months old grown out through the winter and compared with commercial pork is darker and redder in color because of the muscle and fat that develops from a life spent outdoors. During the cold winter months, the pigs develop more fat to keep themselves warm. This back fat contributes to the flavor and sweetness of Quatrè Saisons Kurobuta style Berkshire pork.

We currently supply exclusively to local Canberra restaurants and selected butcher outlets. Contact us to join our suppliers list.