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Custom Paleo Whole Porker Pack

Custom Paleo Whole Porker Pack-approximately  60 kilos of prime pork cuts plus extra value pack-variable hanging weight.

  • Whole pig @ $23 per kg

Whole custom cut and smoked pigs includes all cuts- please select from cut sheet.

Price: $0.00 / $23.00 per kilo


All prices are per kilo. while the average minimum box size is quoted above, please contact us during delivery week to finalise the packed weight of your order.

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please download the cut sheet for your completion, and email to info@quatre-saisons.com.au

Whole pigs will be packed as two halves unless specified otherwise
so if you  want each half butchered in a specific way, then please make a clear note on your cut sheet; and / or complete a second order sheet. (The two halves will be linked and charged as a whole per kilo price )

Standard delivery is fresh chilled packaged in family portions, plus on request we can have the butcher snap freeze all fresh cuts for you, ready to stack into your home freezer.

Smoked goods  are chilled and  vacuum packed.

Includes all smokehouse and butcher labour charges.

We instruct the butcher and smokehouse to ensure that no wheat, soy or other grain products are used in the preparation of any charcuterie such as sausage links, or smoked goods.

Value add pack is 4 trotters;  whole head including cheeks;  2 x kidney; 2 x hock; heart  and liver.