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Dorper Rams

We have a number of Full blood registered stud Dorper ram lambs available.

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All prices are per kilo. while the average minimum box size is quoted above, please contact us during delivery week to finalise the packed weight of your order.

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Quatre Saisons offers private selection of quality stud stock by appointment.All full blood animals sold are presented unshorn so clients can fully assess the fleece shedding ability of the stock.Our current ram ‘Piri’ is progeny sired by ‘Big Al’ Supreme Champion Exhibit at the National Dorper Championships in Dubbo in May 2007.

Why Dorpers?

Hardiness -Adaptability -Fertility -Longevity -Maternal Attributes -Non-selective grazing habits -Continuous breeding season -Rapid growth Early maturity -Superb conformation - Excellent carcass -High quality hides.


  • Excellent feed utilisation and conversion.
  • Sheds hairy coat so no shearing costs.
  • Naturally mulesed - no need to crutch and is not susceptible to flystrike.
  • They have a high level of disease resistance and are an extremely low maintenance animal.


Dorpers thrive in arid to semi-tropical climates and are suitable for 100mm to 760mm rainfall areas.


Lambing rates of up to 225% (calculated on an annual basis) can be achieved. Dorpers have a high fecundity and are not season sensitive allowing three lambings in two years. Dorpers are known for their high twinning rate.


A live weight of about 36 kilograms can be reached at the age of 3.5 - 4 months under arid conditions. This ensures a high quality carcass of around 20 kilograms. Ideal carcass weight is 14-16 kilograms. Dressing out percentages can reach 54%.

Growth Rates

One of the most important "traits" of the Dorper is that it responds faster than any other lamb type to increased planes of nutrition. This allows farmers to rapidly increase weights to respond to market demand. In times of good natural nutrition this means that lambs can be sent to market ahead of the competition. In South Africa, carcass weights of 28kg at 12 weeks are regularly achieved.

Our own Dorpers, on natural pastures in mid winter, showed an average weight gain of 0.34kg/day. Some lambs are over 0.4kg/day.

A business opportunity?

In South Africa Dorper hides are sold as top quality leather under the name "Cape Glovers" and represents 20% of the total carcass value.