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Hear Alan Savory talk about grazing, climate change and his philosophy of holistic management here. This TED recording is current, being recorded in February, 2013.

Find our listing here!!! Pastured is a hub for farmers of wholesome, pastured free range meat and eggs and those that support them and distribute their food.

Our Philosophy

Clean food, naturally grown and harvested.At Quatre Saisons we are very fortunate. We are taking a piece of country that has not been grazed for 20 years, and because of its topography and climate was not considered worth the effort and cost of mechanised farm practices. Organic by neglect we begin to plant our orchards and raise animals with the guidance of wonderful mentors like Peter Andrews, Pat Coleby and Joel Salatin.

Our goal is to raise food and our animals without chemicals, antibiotics or the need for other intervention. We are slowly shaping a sustainable life for our family. Rather than use popular ‘labels’, our approach is simply natural - we aim to be reasonably self sufficient and have a gentle footprint on our place. To achieve this we draw on a number of philosophies in farm production, using those things that resonate with our experience on this piece of country. We do not use chemicals in pasture management or animal husbandry.

In Australia, Pat Coleby, Linda Woodrow and Peter Andrews are living national treasures who show landholders how to work with nature. Pat's many books show step by step how to care for animals and understand thier needs. Linda Woodrow wrote The Permaculture Home Garden an inspirational 'how-to' gardening book for city and country gardeners alike. It is written from a providing-real-food-for-your-family-perspective, with detailed instructions on planning a garden where the basic design allows growing food and raising poultry in as economical and sustainable a way possible using the principles of permiculture and common sense. She has been teaching, writing and learning about the kitchen garden for about 30 years now.

Peter teaches techniques of land management that promotes water and soil conservation to build soil carbon and enrich our pasture. Joel, while not based in Australia has visited several times -yes even Murrumbateman- and his common sense approach to small enterprise, low food mile community living are as applicable here as anywhere.

Our animals rarely require veterinary intervention. Natural medicine is consistent with the rhythms of nature and how nature is organised.

Natural Farming is not a mysterious enterprise. When you are using natural feeding systems and natural boosters like apple cider vinegar and sprouted grains and working at a gradual pace, the likelihood of doing harm is almost completely eliminated.

A fundamental principle of good animal care, as in natural medicine is that physiology and psychology are in balance. Happy animals raised on clean pasture provide clean healthy nutritious meat, milk and eggs. It's that simple.

You will find information in the 'Learning about Farming' section of our website that feature many of the recommendations offered by these great teachers, approaches we use on Quatre Saisons that work for us.