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Spring time at Quatre Saisons

Springtime at Quatre Saisons brings fresh new life in every part of the property

Rare Breeds

"...when the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again."
-William Beebe

There is a growing awareness and desire to preserve living remnants of our distant past; keeping and promoting animals that played an integral role in rural life and work on the farm.

The site contains more information about why traditional and rare breed meats are good for you and the environment.

Some small landholders are working towards self-sufficiency and long for the mouth-watering melt-in-your-mouth, homegrown flavours like the ones you might remember from your childhood.

Others do it in the name of biodiversity, as a ‘plan B’. Our world today is increasingly the same wherever you go and the same is true in farming, where artificial conditions and foods are created. Did you know that over 90 percent of the world’s dairy herd is made up of a single breed-the Holstein. 

Maintaining hardy, heritage breeds of cattle from an alternate genetic pool–like the adaptable Jersey - will provide an alternative if disease or calamity should strike.
Some simply prefer livestock and poultry breeds best suited for specific environments and needs. 

We choose to do it for all these reasons- we are not just conservators -we believe that heritage and rare breed meat is something very special. 

On Quatre Saisons, the production systems are free-range and animals are raised naturally. They are able to graze in large paddocks, to suckle their young and enjoy the natural elements of rain, wind and sunshine and can respond to their natural instincts.

We also believe strongly in the need to conserve farm animal genetic diversity and so we choose to breed rare and endangered heritage breeds.  Preserving rare and traditional breeds is an essential part of greener farming systems and helping the environment - as well as improving the quality of the food we eat!

A very big part of our life on Quatre Saisons is caring for all our animals. We could not have imagined just how much pleasure and companionship our animals give us every day. There is nothing to match a lick from the cows as they walk with you around the paddocks, or the way the sheep run to greet me coming home and each ewe that responds in turn to her name. Nothing prepares you for the squeals of delight that follow you up the yard as you approach the pigs paddock and the porkers eagerness for a scratch and a rub around their ears.