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Compost making champions

Think that chooks are an expense that will never pay for itself while they cost so much to feed and eggs are so cheap at the supermarket? (as if taste and nutrition count for nothing!)

It never occurred to me to do the math on the chooks- just numbers on a page to me- but did you realise that top-dressing a 1.2 x2.4 metre raised veggie bed once a year with just 10 cms of finished compost requires nearly half a cubic metre per bed of compost. Twice yearly cleaning of the chicken house yields enough compost for the average suburban garden for a year. At $8- $10 per 30 litre bag that’s significant savings in buying in bagged material and even beats the economics of bulk delivery compost blends. A 30cm deep layer of spent chicken litter in a 2×4 metre coop is 2.7 cubic metres of compost. It’s easy to see the saving an integrated approach to gardening can have.


The household poultry flock can be a rewarding hobby that supplies fresh eggs, maybe table birds and natural fertiliser for the garden.

Contact your local council to obtain information on their by-laws for keeping domestic poultry. These may restrict the number of birds that can be kept and usually prohibits the keeping of roosters in residential areas.