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Piglets have a range of names- this is your quick guide to the nomenclature of the porcine world.....

A Gilt is a young female pig, that has not been bred.
A Sow is a female pig that has produced piglets.
A Shoat is a young male pig that has not been bred
A Barrow is a male pig that has been desexed in order to allow it to grow out to a larger size, and not be a nuisance with other stock, thereby preventing any risk of ‘boar taint’ in the pork meat as a result of hormone activity as the boar reaches sexual maturity.
A Boar is a sexually mature male pig.


Lots of people have joined the 'pigs as pets' craze in the past few years- and not surprising given their intelligence and ease of training.

But let’s be honest- pigs provide wonderful meat and small farmers are once again finding that pigs are natural partners in a biodynamic farming system —and provide lots of opportunity to diversify.

Pigs used in intensive operations never see daylight and are fed hormones to speed up their growth, resulting in tasteless pork. Quatrè Saisons animals are grown out naturally and without intervention.

Just exceptional tasting, natural meat, at its prime peak.

We think the growing realisation in the city markets of what real meat should look and taste like is starting to impact on what is available on the supermarket shelves in Australia and encouraging small holdings to once again keep pigs.

Providores want niche breeds that produce higher-quality meat and to market directly to consumers (and chefs) who are interested in taste, humane treatment of animals and better stewardship of the environment. They want pork from specialist pigs as nature has developed them. Some breeds suit lean cuts such as ham and bacon and some breeds suit more marbled meat such as roasts and casseroling cuts. You can read more about this in the additional links below.

It is amazing how much companionship can be offered by a small pig.

What we have found amazingly entertaining is the different personalities of the three different breeds of pig we keep- some are sleepy and docile, some are active and always hungry looking for a titbit. They all make different noises- Saddlebacks make a traditional 'oink oink’; Large Blacks 'snuffle' and Berkshires 'bark' like dogs when excited! All of our pigs free range on native pastures and are supplemented with quality natural fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Quatrè Saisons pigs live happy outdoor lives. They have access to clean water at all times, most of the year there are running streams in their pasture.  They enjoy insulated hut shelters for protection from the elements, and enjoy open pasture for winter sunshine and dense Stringybark forest for summer time shade.  We do not clip teeth or dock tails or ring noses to prevent digging either. We allow our animals to grow and live as nature intended-free to behave like pigs and in their natural family groups. Stress free, happy and healthy pigs. Squealing with pleasure at the sound of our approach, our pigs will run to the edge of their paddock to say hello and are just as keen for a scratch under the ears as a piece of apple.

And still can't get enough ...

It is amazing how much companionship can be offered by a small pig.  Find the right pig for you and you have a friend for life!  Carole this is the information that I have added into the box, the pdf will come below

Pigs aint Pigs