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Dexters, Jersey, Welsh Black and Wagyu. Our cow menagerie.

The best way to ensure the survival of rare and endangered livestock is to build consumer demand. Unlike endangered animals in a zoo, farm stock has to pay its way. These animals need a market to encourage farmers to keep them. The more demand, the less rare they become.

Buying stock for small acre farms

Local rural property size is geared towards small acreage- why mow? We specialise in small production and are happy to supply just a single ewe or cow for your land maintenance or stud requirements.

Quatre Saisons cattle come in meat, milk, or dual purpose types in large and small breeds. We can also provide young weanling animals, for you to ‘grow out’ so that you too can enjoy raising produce on your small acreage.

All hand raised, our stud cattle are easy to manage and will provide your family with years of service. Steers, wethers, and piglets are also available to grow out on your property.

Very rarely we may have poddy lambs or calves that can be bucket raised. Contact us for more information

If you would like to know more about traditional and rare breeds, or would just like to see how we keep our livestock, why not visit.

  You can contact us.

Cattle and Sheep Managing Landscapes

Cattle have been domesticated for thousands of years and farmed for beef, veal, dairy, leather or pulling carts or wagons or sometimes for riding . They are less commonly used for conservation grazing, simply to maintain grassland for wildlife.  

Why Mixed Farming?

The small farm revolution is alive and well.  Many people are looking for a healthier , more sustainable, slower life- a tree change.