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Piglets have a range of names- this is your quick guide to the nomenclature of the porcine world.....

A Gilt is a young female pig, that has not been bred.
A Sow is a female pig that has produced piglets.
A Shoat is a young male pig that has not been bred
A Barrow is a male pig that has been desexed in order to allow it to grow out to a larger size, and not be a nuisance with other stock, thereby preventing any risk of ‘boar taint’ in the pork meat as a result of hormone activity as the boar reaches sexual maturity.
A Boar is a sexually mature male pig.

Large Black Pig

The Large Black, sometimes called Cornish or Devon pig is a breed of domestic pig native to Great Britain. It is a large breed, and is the only British pig which is wholly black.

 Compared to the Berkshire, they are much taller, longer in the body and finer in the shoulder as well as having the longer head and lop ears. Their reputation for thriving in hot weather and this pig's genuinely very docile nature make raising and keeping Cornish Black pigs a further plus.

Large Black sows are renowned as excellent mothers with exceptional milking ability. They are able to rear sizeable litters off simple rations and a placid temperament ensures they can be contained behind a single strand of electric fencing.  Our cornish sows are uniquely maternal, happily taking over feeding all comers- and will feed everyones piglets while thier mothers are off grazing or sleeping.

Extremely docile and very hardy the Large Black is ideally suited to simple outdoor systems and because of the sun protection provided by its black skin is ideal for a wide range of climatic conditions. Originally known as the Lop Eared Black, its ears are so large and floppy that they do actually obstruct their hearing and vision-falling forward over its face- and while they are an impediment to sight, they protect the eyes from damage while the pig is foraging.

The Large Black is best known for its foraging abilities and abundant maternal qualities. Large Black sows are able to raise and wean large litters of piglets out of doors, and these survival characteristics give it genetic value.

 Mature boars weigh 300-400 kg (or 700-800 lbs thats heavier than a couple of front row forwards!!!) and sows reach 270-320 kgs as an adult. Piglets grow very fast- going from under a kilo born weight to over 200kgs at six months of age.

Current demand for meat produced from traditional breeds of pigs raised naturally is now promoting a growth in the number of breeders keeping Large Blacks as this particular breed is much appreciated for its succulent taste and eating quality. Because of the increased interest in pasture raised pork by consumers, Large Black pigs are once again being recognised as a great choice in pastured management systems.

History of Large Blacks

The Large Black demonstrated excellent efficiency of production on pasture and gained popularity rapidly becoming one of the most numerous of the English pig breeds by early last century.  A breed association was formed in 1898.

Why Large Black's?

The Large Black’s skin pigmentation helps it to resist sunburn, making it ideal for outdoor pig production systems in Australia. It is an efficient converter of low quality feed, and produces pork of high quality which is ideal for the small acre farmer, and finds a ready outlet in specialist markets.