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Jersey Cattle

Jerseys are well known as curious and gentle cattle. The Jersey was bred on the British Channel Island of Jersey and is descended from cattle stock brought over from the nearby Norman mainland, and was first recorded as a separate breed around 1700.

The Jersey cow is quite small, ranging from only 360 to 540 kg. Bulls are also small, ranging from 540 to 820 kg, and are notoriously aggressive. We choose not to keep Jersey bulls on Quatre Saisons, preferring to source our genetics from Silhouette Farm in Echuca, where the Worboys family, today headed by Anne and Richard have been breeding award winning Jersey cattle since 1960. Anne and Richard have helped us to appreciate the Jerseys ability to thrive on natural pasture providing magnificent milking capacity in proportion to lower maintenance requirements. Their rich creamy milk produces fantastic ice cream, cheese and other dairy products. Our cows are hand raised from day old calves and are very easy to handle. Indeed they push the boundaries of the term ‘house cow’ to a whole new level and will follow family around the paddocks walking miles alongside, just for the company, and will visit inside the house kitchen if given the chance. Jerseys come in all shades of brown, from light tan to almost black. All purebred Jerseys have a lighter band around their muzzle, a dark switch (long hair on the end of the tail), and black hooves. In the past decade, importation of semen and embryo material from Europe and the US has become much easier and breed colour regulations have been relaxed to allow a broadening of the gene pool of jersey cattle in Australia. Their small size, docile and inquisitive character, attractive physical features and high milk production rates make Jersey cattle the perfect house cow.