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Platypus Haven

Platypus Havens at Quatre Saison

Indigenous Animals

As custodians of our land, we know that the way we manage our property impacts directly on the health of all animals we raise, and those native fauna that reside in our forest and waterways. As responsible farmers we know we are must ensure our farming practice sustains the life web of the Yass River.

River flows initiated on Quatre Saisons with waters harvested from our hills find their way into the river system and are home to many creatures. A clear indicator of our success in providing a healthy environment is the presence of many frogs, lizards and some rare and shy animals- the monotremes.


Since the first fleet returned with drawings of these unusual creatures, lots has been learnt about the platypus, the short-billed echidna and the long-billed echidna. We know that monotremes are egg-laying mammals with many secrets we have yet to discover and thus our fascination with these animals continues.