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Dexters are a true breed not "genetically hand made".  They are a heritage breed, meaning they were in use and identified in the first British breed registry, started in 1879.

Dexter Cattle Breed information

Dexter Cattle are small, gentle cattle that have been a part of small farms since ancient times.  They need less feed than other breeds and thrive in a variety of climates.

Dexters are a true dual purpose breed of cattle, which originated in Ireland and have a long history with records dating from the 18th Century. 

Mature cows weigh less than 750 pounds; bulls weigh less than 1,000 pounds. There are two varieties--the short-legged beef type and the long-legged Kerry type, but both can appear in the same herd, from the same matings, and both have good milk and beef production.

Dexters were first introduced into Australia in the 1880's and have enjoyed an Australia-wide revival since the mid 1980's.

Dexters are the smallest naturally occurring British cattle breed. The ideal height for cows range from 97cm to 107cm and bulls 102cm to 112cm, and this size range makes them ideally suited to the small property owner as well as the farmer who understands that small-framed cattle can be more efficient than larger-framed cattle.

Dexters are usually black in colour with red and dun colours being less common, and most have horns. Cows give more milk for their body weight than any other breed (including high producing dairy cows). Calves are born easily and grow fast, maturing by 12 to 18 months of age as finished beef.


Dexter Cattle

The hardy and manageable Dexters are one of the ancient British breeds. Once listed as rare, their resurgence in many areas of the globe is more than coincidence.

History of the Dexter Breed

Dexter and Kerry cattle originated from the same ancestral stock. Through the early nineteenth century both Kerry and Dexter cattle were produced from the same herds, and were registered in the same herd book.