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Welsummer chickens originally from the small village of Welsum, in the east part of the Netherlands. They are a light, docile breed, with rustic-red and orange colour.

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Representations of cockerels in the media are often based upon the "classic" Welsummer look. Many people describe them as 'What a farmyard chicken should really look like'. The most famous example of this is the original Kellogg’s Cornflakes rooster.

Welsummer hens are extremely placid and friendly in nature, with incredible fertility and the bonus of laying the largest and deepest terracotta brown eggs you will come across. Hens will keep laying for five to eight years, although there are many recordings of Welsummer hens continuing to lay for 10 to 12 years.  The yolk of the eggs is a deep yellow colour. They produce an omelette that is rich yellow and when used in cakes, they produce a rich yellow sponge. A fresh laid boiled Welsummer egg is perfection!

The chicks are lively and easy to hatch, with distinct colour differences between hens and cockerels.  Welsommers can be sexed at birth. The female has "eye liner" the dark line extending beyond her eye towards her ear is dark and very well defined. On the male, that same line is light and blurry. Similarly, if you look at the triangle on the top of their head, on the female, it is dark and clearly defined, the male's triangle is lighter and the edges are not clearly defined.

There are three variations of the standard Welsummer; these are the Partridge, Silver Duckwing and the Gold Duckwing.

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