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The Araucana is known to originate from the old Arauca region between Northern Chile and Southern Peru, in the ancestral home of the Incas (who now are more popularly known as Aruca Indians). The blue eggs that distinguish the breed are very exclusive in the world of poultry.

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Other breeds that are seen to sometimes lay blue eggs have their origins with the Araucana gene pool. The Araucana is the only pure breeding and original blue egg laying domestic chicken.

Classified as light, soft feather birds, Araucana can be Large, Bantam or Rumpless- which means no tail or "Parsons Nose" and with ear tufts of feathers. They are hardier to changes in environment, and can survive conditions that other fancy breeds will often become ill and die in. They have extra feathering on their head, which helps to conserve body heat in cold weather. The bushy "eyebrows" also provide added sun protection enabling them to identify food particles in bright conditions.

I keep Lavender, Black and White bantams- they are wonderful mothers

Araucana are prolific layers of good-sized coloured eggs and a very hardy bird. When the Spaniards arrived in South America, bringing with them their poultry, they found that the indigenous Indians had their own breeds, which soon crossed with the imported stock.However, in the High Andes, there were many areas where the terrain made conquest impossible and the Arauca Indians of Northern Chile were never conquered so their poultry remained pure and led to the name Araucana.
Araucana eggs are strong in shell and unique in that the colour permeates throughout the shell. Blue and green eggs have been reported from South America from the mid-sixteenth century onwards, but it is generally agreed by breeders that anythingother than clear blue indicates another genetic influence along the way.

In America 'Easter Egg Hens' are very popular with cross breeding to develop multiple coloured shells a novel and popular pastime.