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Why Mixed Farming?

The small farm revolution is alive and well.  Many people are looking for a healthier , more sustainable, slower life- a tree change.


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Mixed farming is common worldwide, in spite of a tendency in all areas of agribusiness, research and teaching towards intensive monoculture forms of farming.

Deciding to have a mixed farm business rather than specialise in a single product (a monoculture) has both advantages and disadvantages and does require a well thought out approach to make a success of the total mix.

Fortunately, it was an easy decision for me- I never expect to actually make money- its about clean food, lifestyle and freedom of choice for me.

Farmers in mixed systems have to divide their attention and resources over several activities reducing economies of scale for example.

What counts is the yield of the total, not of the parts. (actually, what really suprises me is that I think of myself as a farmer now.....)

Trees in and on the edge of a field for example may reduce the grain yield or grazing capacity, but the combination of the trees (for fodder and timber) and grazing is valuable, because each of the components produces useful products for the farm (people and animals included).

Maybe having moved to a property and growing our own food may seem like a lot of trouble to go to.  But to me the value of clean food can not be overstated.

The topic of food, where it comes from and whether it does us any good is charged with emotion and controversy.

Even in Australia, the supermarket shelves are full of unknowns-pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, genetic technology, chemical additives and process after process stripping our food of its nutritional value. Have you wondered how the vegetables can possibly last so long in ther fridge?

Every food item-milk-meat-bread-cheese is controlled by a multi national company, a distribution chain, a processing plant-you have to squint to see the farmer and you need binoculars to find the cow! It is hard to comprehend how far removed from real natural food we are.

We should insist on clean food-rich in protein, vitamins, minerals with a natural structure. The closer to nature we eat -clean real local food prepared fresh-the better our health can be.