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If it's rare- should we eat it?

Promoting the eating of rare breeds may, at first, seem an odd way of conserving them. However, unlike wild animals, farm stock has to pay its way.

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In fact, the only way these breeds will survive is if we eat their non-breeding produce. These are farm animals-not exotic tigers or pandas and they need a market to encourage people to keep them. The more demand there is for their produce, the less rare they become.

Most heritage breeds became rare because they did not fit with modern, intensive systems of production. They are more suited to a natural diet without artificial growth promoters. This means they mature more slowly and are not so profitable for agribusiness.

More unique breeds of farm animals became extinct between 1900 and 1973 than in any time in history- their genetic diversity lost forever. Lost also is the unique character and taste of their meat.

You can help make extinction a thing of the past and preserve the unbroken line of farm livestock heritage by eating their produce - and getting your friends and family to do the same!

The bigger the market there is for traditional and rare breed meat the more people there will be who can afford to keep them.

Yes, by eating them, by choosing our products you will be helping us to save these breeds.