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Mid Season Fresh Pork Special

We have an unexpected mid season opportunity for our customers to purchase Quatre Saisons Heritage open range pork!

Generally, at Quatre Saisons we only process a few times a year, with pork sales following  the natural reproduction cycle seasonally of our pig herd.
But as it happens I am doing a special order for the lads at Pialligo (preparing hams for Christmas) and I will have forequarters available (they only use the legs and saddles).
What to do with all the front ends that will not be lovingly marinated, cured and smoked for extraordinary bacon, ham, rillettes and gamon.....
An unscheduled mid season opportunity to buy fresh forequarter pork cuts in June! YAY!

There are only 15 shares available for Mid June delivery and you will need to place your order and pay a deposit to lock in and secure delicious free range fresh pork cuts as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


We offer a number of payment options geared towards making your family budget a little easier to balance.
Pay your deposit on order and then pay a regular amount each fortnight via direct deposit with the balance on delivery day; or pay using our PayPal facilities.  It’s easy and convenient.

Take a look at the options available and let me know if we can help make your winter casserole and roasting season a little tastier!

local slow food

Our pigs take 40-50% longer to reach market weight when compared to commercially raised pigs but we think the taste and texture of our meat attests to the quality of life the pig enjoyed.  Free to forage, heritage pork is darker in colour with a dense succulent texture and wonderful intramuscular marbling, reflecting its natural fresh diet and is especially suited for dishes where you want its rich flavour to shine through. In the selective breeding of our pigs for pork, we have chosen a mix of several breeds to capture the best traits of all of them, offering you the very best eating experience. After all, pastured pork is all about letting the pigs be pigs.