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Absolutely! Pork - for everday and family celebrations. Ideal for feasts with family and friends, pork joints are easy to prepare and flavoursome.

And there’s nothing like the convenience of a freezer loaded with quality meat in time for Easter festivities.  Pull a roast out of the tuckerbox, rub the meat with a bit of seasoning for crunchy crackling and roast for an hour while you put your feet up.

Why does open range cost a little more?

Our pigs take 40-50% longer to reach market weight when compared to commercially raised pigs but we think the taste and texture of our meat attests to the quality of life the pig enjoyed. 

This is a quality, tender nutrient dense pork with just enough fat to add rich flavours and succulence, the meat melts in the mouth after a long roast.

Berkshires are one of the oldest recognised domesticated pig breeds on earth.  They were savoured by British royalty over 300 years ago and have been bred ever since for their rich and flavourful meat.  Wessex Saddlebacks and Cornish Blacks are also British heritage breeds with a long domestic history that thrive in Australian conditions on outdoor pasture, and produce carcasses of supreme quality.  While they don't have as many piglets per litter as some breeds, heritage pigs are great mothers and are known as a very gentle breed that will even accept human contact during birthing.   

Our pigs are happy pigs. They are a joy to watch as they run around and squeal as we prepare their food. Pigs are omnivores, so unlike cows, they cannot live on grass alone. Therefore, we supplement their feed with organic milk, vegetables scraps from our garden, organic corn, lupins and barley.

Free to forage, heritage pork is darker in colour with a dense succulent texture and wonderful intramuscular marbling, reflecting its natural fresh diet and is especially suited for dishes where you want its rich flavour to shine through. The marbled meat  contains high proportions of Omega 3 fat that ‘self bastes’ and breaks down in the cooking process, making it particularly suitable for long or high-temperature cooking.

This year we have grown our herd to produce about 40 open range pigs in an environment that is 100% natural and stress free.  In the selective breeding of our pigs for pork, we have chosen a mix of several breeds to capture the best traits of all of them, offering you the very best eating experience. After all, pastured pork is all about letting the pigs be pigs.