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Absolutely! Pork - for everday and family celebrations. Ideal for feasts with family and friends, pork joints are easy to prepare and flavoursome.

And there’s nothing like the convenience of a freezer loaded with quality meat in time for Easter festivities.  Pull a roast out of the tuckerbox, rub the meat with a bit of seasoning for crunchy crackling and roast for an hour while you put your feet up.

What am I buying in half a pig?

If you select a whole or half pig, you will need to make some choices in how your joints are cut up- there is no wrong way to divide up a half a pig; but you can not have every cut as chops or speciality cuts and still have enough meat for sausage and roasts for example. The cut sheet guides you through the delicious choices you need to make in as simple a way as I can portray. Please refer to the carcass image for an idea of what different cuts look like and order to suit your family’s eating preferences.


How much meat is 1/2 a pig?

The final weight of your delicious pastured pork is based on hanging weight- what’s left once all the processing has been completed at the abattoir.


Quatre Saisons pork averages 45-50 kilos for a whole pig; around 60-70 kilos with all the extra bits.  

The price includes a cut to order by a traditionally skilled artisan butcher to your specifications and home delivery.


At your house, you need only have a standard refrigerator top freezer or a small chest freezer, which is MORE than large enough to accommodate 1/2 a pig.  

All cuts together are about two to four cubic-litres depending on how you decide to arrange your pork. 

What cuts of meat can I expect in a half pig?

Loin (about 6 kilos). One a boneless or standing  bone in roast or chops- (each package containing two 2.5cm thick pork chops- about 600gms.) Roasts are just bundles of pork chops – uncut.  It’s your choice.

Forequarter (also called Boston Butt or shoulder about 7 kilos). Shoulder roasts, minced, sausages, steaks or smoked as picnic or shoulder ham

Spareribs (about 2 kilo). Bone in Ribs are longer, Baby back are shorter and use some loin

Sausage (about 5 kilos of meat, from all over the pig)

Leg (about 7- 8 kilos). Fresh roast or smoked as ham, (whole or half sized)

Bacon / Belly (about 4 kilos) Your choice of bacon-fresh slab to cure and smoke yourself or smoked, sliced and packaged; or a fresh roast slab, or  sliced as riblets. Remember traditional rasher bacon utilises the eye of the loin.

Hocks (about 2.5 kilos) Great fresh as a caveman roast or stew, smoked for soups or alternately processed as part of the sausage allocation;

Hand plus Hock (about 4 kilos) can be brined for pickled pork.

Extras (about 4 kilos). A great way to eat from snout to tail and get your money’s worth, although Australian abattoirs are sometimes prescriptive about the additional cuts released from carcasses, on a day to day basis, and while we always request the whole animal is returned, this is often outside our control

Custom Paleo Whole Porker Pack

Custom Paleo Whole Porker Pack-approximately  60 kilos of prime pork cuts plus extra value pack-variable hanging weight.

  • Whole pig @ $23 per kg

Whole custom cut and smoked pigs includes all cuts- please select from cut sheet.

Price: $0.00 / $23.00 per kilo

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Gourmet Smoked Porker box

Gourmet Smoked Porker box-approximately 25 kilos of prime pork cuts cold smoked-$625

Average $25 per kilo. Select cuts- please select from cut sheet.

Price: $625.00 / $25.00 per kilo

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