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Cattle on Quatre Saisons are grazed on open pasture for most of the year

Cattle on Quatre Saisons are grazed on open pasture for most of the year, but are supplemented with sprouted barley and oaten hay during late summer, autumn and early winter to allow the native grasses to set seed and regenerate for another season. This innovative practice is not feedlotting- the cattle are in 40 acre paddocks- but a feeding regime that provides a highly nutritious boost to their annual cycle, builds tone and immunity for the coming winter and reproductive season and protects our native grasslands.

Dexter Cattle are easy to manage and very productive

Dexters are the smallest naturally occurring British cattle breed and are usually black in colour with red and dun colours being less common. Their size makes them ideally suited to the small property and these dual purpose small-framed cattle can be more efficient than larger-framed cattle.

Stud Breeding Animals for Sale

Animals that are hardy, and adaptable to various environments thriving even in harsh or marginal conditions, are often less expensive to raise because they need less care and are productive without expensive feeds.

Small acre farms production systems work well on low-input sustainable production, and the cattle you invest in must have the ability to flourish on forages alone, with greater feed conversion efficiency, parasite and disease resistance, hardiness, maternal abilities, good fertility under marginal conditions, and longevity.

We have a range of stud quality breeding stock available for sale, registered with the appropriate Breed Society or can source hardy animlas suited to a commercial non stud breeding program. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sheep Stud

Local rural property size is geared towards small acreage- why mow? We specialise in small production and are happy to supply just a single ewe or cow for your land maintenance or stud requirements. We can also provide young weanling animals, for you to ‘grow out’ so that you too can enjoy raising produce on your small acreage.

Heritage Pigs for sale

In the tradition of mixed farms, before the boom of industrial agriculture, farmers and smallholders always kept a modest number of what are now known as 'heritage' pigs.

From time to time we have stud stock available for sale from the three breeds we enjoy and grow at Quatrè Saisons.

Cattle Stud

Everybody knows that whales are endangered, but relatively few people know that there are many breeds of livestock that are endangered as well, some of them critically.