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Grass-Fed beef tends to be favoured by Australians as it is healthy and lower in fat.

Australian consumers are concerned for the welfare of the animals offered through traditional retail outlets -the suburban butcher shop, supermarkets and increasingly through fast food outlets and restaurants too.

How to choose the right breed

We specialise in small production and are happy to supply just a single ewe or cow for your land maintenance or stud requirements. We can also provide young weanling animals, for you to ‘grow out’ so that you too can enjoy raising produce on your small acreage.

Cattle that are adapted to your climate and conditions are often the best way to go, when you are just getting started. If you have a favourite breed, choose some good individuals from that breed from a local, reputable farm.

You don't need a purebred (unless you are specifically interested in raising purebreds) nor even a herd of just one breed. Oftentimes a crossbred or composite animal is the best fit for a small farm because it combines the best traits of more than one breed and has the added advantage of hybrid vigour: more hardiness, better fertility, longevity, and increased production under more marginal conditions. Crossbreds or composites are often the most profitable cattle.

The individual traits of a given animal are also more important than what breed it is. There are outstanding animals and some poor ones, in every breed. Even if a certain breed is well known for feed efficiency and fertility or for sound udders, or "good disposition," for instance, you still need to be selective; don't buy any animal sight unseen. There are usually some individuals in every breed that don't live up to the breed standard and they will disappoint you. Carefully evaluate any animal before you buy it. If you are unsure about some of the finer points of bovine conformation or what makes a good cow, have a friend (whose knowledge of cattle you trust) help you pick out the ones you buy.

If you would like to know more about traditional and rare breeds, or would just like to see how we keep our livestock, why not visit.  You can contact us.