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A lemon tree, a barbecue, and a couple of chooks scratching about is what makes an Australian backyard feel like home.

Poultry for Sale

I enjoy the calm rhythm of a chooks daily habit- watching them scratch and investigate around the gardens and in their yard. I like their structured and quirky evening routine as they put themselves to bed at night.

Chooks make wonderful pets and contribute to the household. They reduce household scraps to useable compost, are keen gardeners (in both consuming pests and providing manure) and they can keep your family and friends well stocked with free-range eggs.

Watching the eccentric guinea fowl run in a tight mob across the paddocks or bob about after bugs in the veggie patch is something I just love.

We have day old chicks and pullet poultry available for sale during the breeding season from October to Christmas, and more mature birds available in the autumn, usually after Easter each year. Contact us to place an order, or see the range of poultry we have available for sale on the following links.


Mature Male Guinea Fowl

2 year old male birds

Price: $40.00 / bird

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