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Livestock Guardians

We can supply Huacaya wethers (castrated alpaca males) or wether quality males (to be castrated) as herd protection animals to protect goats or sheep. They are an easy, low cost solution to preventing losses during lambing.

It is important to note that an alpaca will not be effective as a herd protector until it has been castrated. Neutered alpaca will bond to the sheep or goats and become part of the herd, they are unaffected by being alone, unlike most other alpacas.  However, experience has shown us that a lone alpaca will not be as effective as two or even three in amongst your lambs or kids. Alpacas work co-operatively and when they can pack up on a predator they are much more effective.  Unlike dogs, alpacas share common husbandry and feed with sheep and goats and so are a very viable, low maintenance guardian.

Haucaya male

Well bred Alpaca male- whole, unregistered. from imported blood lines- freshly shorn and ANXIOUS to work. grey/black fleece; excellent trouble free animal

Price: $450.00 / only one available

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Huacaya Alpaca Guardian

We have several neutered alpaca guardians- have been with sheep and cattle. freshly shorn- beautiful pure black fleece

Price: $250.00 / each

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