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Dorper yeild vs generic lamb

How does Dorper meat compare to the generic lamb you can buy from any supermarket?

Is the extra cost of buying pasture raised lamb justified?

Take a comparison between a supermarket pack of five lamb chops with a pre-trim weight of 344 grams at a price of $23.99 a kilogram or $8.24 total cost and five Dorper lamb chops weighing 652 grams at $25.99 a kilogram or a total cost of $16.94. The supermarket chops trim down to 165 grams of meat compared to the Dorper chops yield of 415 grams of meat after trimming.

“Hang on" you say- "we’ve doubled the price to buy five chops" – so why would people come to us to buy five chops when they could buy them from Woolworths at half the price? The weight of consumable meat is 415 grams versus 165 grams – so the cost per kilogram of Dorper meat going into the customer’s mouth is $40.81 a kilogram. The same chops from Woolworths cost $50 a kilogram to put into your mouth – making the slightly more expensive pasture raised lamb much better value. The meat yield to the customer for the Dorper chops in the exercise was 63.65 per cent versus 47.9 per cent for the Woolworths chops.

Less waste more edible meat on the carcass. That’s breeding, managing the breed, animal welfare and care – it is growing the lamb to what the customer wants.