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Maddie walks the jersey heifers to the winter paddock.jpg

Walking the jersey heifers to the winter paddock.

We have a number of pure bred stud cattle available for purchase from time to time. Please contact us for further information.

Cattle Stud

Everybody knows that whales are endangered, but relatively few people know that there are many breeds of livestock that are endangered as well, some of them critically.

The world cattle industry is dominated almost entirely by three main breeds: Hereford and Angus for meat and Holstein for dairy. These breeds have been developed and 'refined' over the last 100 years and, while they no longer reflect thier traditional breed standards, are well suited to commercial production.

However, they may not be the best choice for small acre farms. For familys on a few acres or farmers who want a small herd, heritage breeds may be a better choice. Many heritage breeds are dual purpose, meaning they produce both good milk and good meat. Most were also specially bred for life on small farms. They are typically hardier, healthier, better foragers, and better mothers than their more commercial relatives.

Contact us for information about the heritage breeds we raise, or you can read more in the breed information pages on this website.