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A subscription box scheme is a delivery of fresh produce, usually locally grown and organic, either directly to the customer or to a local collection point. Quatre Saisons is very conscious of local food networks and utilises local facilities to process our lovingly raised pork, beef and lamb. Food miles matter to us, and we aim for as light a carbon footprint as is possible in the processing and distribution of our produce. Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Canberra and Yass is our Local region network, and delivery to your door is included in our subscription box price. Please contact us for delivery options outside these areas.

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Try our free range pork- you will never taste better.

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Grass-Fed beef tends to be favoured by Australians as it is healthy and lower in fat.

Australian consumers are concerned for the welfare of the animals offered through traditional retail outlets -the suburban butcher shop, supermarkets and increasingly through fast food outlets and restaurants too.

Meat Products for Sale

We supply quality carcass to order from our pasture fed, naturally raised F1 Wagyu cattle and heritage breed pig herds. Contact us for more information and availabilty.

Available now a range of heritage open range pork

The process is simple.  All that’s involved is deciding which option suits your family best and sending in a deposit. You can spread the payments across a number of paydays, and then when it’s ready, paying your balance on delivery.  

You can choose custom cuts by filling out a detailed cut sheet, or it’s super simple to just choose one of the boxed value packs. The rest is up to you!

Kurabuto style Berkshire pork

Try our free range pork- you will never taste better. Berkshires are prized for thier wonderful texture and cooking qualities. Moist, succulent and nutrient dense, pork harvested from animals raised on open pasture is rich in Omega-3 complex protien chains and provides the most flavourful delicious meals, for everyday enjoyment or that special larger gathering.

Sweetness and juiciness are two factors that distinguish Berkshire from run-of-the-mill pork. This sweetness and rich flavor come from the high levels of intramuscular marbled fat – the very thing that commercial pork producers removed to produce pork that can be marketed as "the other white meat" in the mid 80s.

Unlike commercially bred pigs raised in confinement, Quatrè Saisons Berkshires are free to roam and grow at their own pace and this is the secret behind the lush flavors of Quatrè Saisons Berkshire pork: a stress-free lifestyle. Compared with commercial pork, Berkshire pork is darker and redder in color because of a life spent outdoors.

What am I buying in half a pig?

If you select a whole or half pig, you will need to make some choices in how your joints are cut up- there is no wrong way to divide up a half a pig; but you can not have every cut as chops or speciality cuts and still have enough meat for sausage and roasts for example. The cut sheet guides you through the delicious choices you need to make in as simple a way as I can portray. Please refer to the carcass image for an idea of what different cuts look like and order to suit your family’s eating preferences.

Why does open range cost a little more?

Our pigs take 40-50% longer to reach market weight when compared to commercially raised pigs but we think the taste and texture of our meat attests to the quality of life the pig enjoyed. 

Mid Season Fresh Pork Special

We have an unexpected mid season opportunity for our customers to purchase Quatre Saisons Heritage open range pork!

Generally, at Quatre Saisons we only process a few times a year, with pork sales following  the natural reproduction cycle seasonally of our pig herd.
But as it happens I am doing a special order for the lads at Pialligo (preparing hams for Christmas) and I will have forequarters available (they only use the legs and saddles).
What to do with all the front ends that will not be lovingly marinated, cured and smoked for extraordinary bacon, ham, rillettes and gamon.....
An unscheduled mid season opportunity to buy fresh forequarter pork cuts in June! YAY!

There are only 15 shares available for Mid June delivery and you will need to place your order and pay a deposit to lock in and secure delicious free range fresh pork cuts as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


Buy open range pork NOW!

Please select one of the simple easy to order fresh open range pork options.
We are happy to work with you, or you can simply complete a “butchers cut sheet”, and we will be in contact to arrange a delivery day and time that suits you.
You can save money by electing to pack your own cuts for the freezer or select one of the prepacked and chilled (or frozen) options for ultimate convenience.

If you choose to have your belly, shoulder, leg or other delicious goodies cured by the smokehouse, we can arrange that too.

We are happy to recommend some really excellent books if you wish to order your pork cut fresh and then brine and smoke your own ham or bacon.  The choice is yours.