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Absolutely! Pork - for everday and family celebrations. Ideal for feasts with family and friends, pork joints are easy to prepare and flavoursome.

And there’s nothing like the convenience of a freezer loaded with quality meat in time for Easter festivities.  Pull a roast out of the tuckerbox, rub the meat with a bit of seasoning for crunchy crackling and roast for an hour while you put your feet up.

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Try our free range pork- you will never taste better.

Kurabuto style Berkshire pork

Try our free range pork- you will never taste better. Berkshires are prized for thier wonderful texture and cooking qualities. Moist, succulent and nutrient dense, pork harvested from animals raised on open pasture is rich in Omega-3 complex protien chains and provides the most flavourful delicious meals, for everyday enjoyment or that special larger gathering.

Sweetness and juiciness are two factors that distinguish Berkshire from run-of-the-mill pork. This sweetness and rich flavor come from the high levels of intramuscular marbled fat – the very thing that commercial pork producers removed to produce pork that can be marketed as "the other white meat" in the mid 80s.

Unlike commercially bred pigs raised in confinement, Quatrè Saisons Berkshires are free to roam and grow at their own pace and this is the secret behind the lush flavors of Quatrè Saisons Berkshire pork: a stress-free lifestyle. Compared with commercial pork, Berkshire pork is darker and redder in color because of a life spent outdoors.

Kurobuta Pork is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire.

The meat from the pure oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan today, is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.
This amazing breed of pig is one of the oldest breeds known to exist, with its origins tracing back to Reading in England.

Berkshire became the favoured breed of the English royalty with a large herd of Black Berkshire maintained at Windsor Castle for more than 400 years and
the genetics of the pigs now found in Japan, trace back to a gift from the English royals.

Fortunately, thanks to the First Fleet; sheer luck and the loyalty of a few dedicated Australian producers, small numbers of pure Black Berkshire still survive in Australia today, and DNA testing confirms these Australian Black Berkshires trace right back to the days of Oliver Cromwell.
Berkshire is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world, and indeed no breed of pig has been more influential in the development of modern breeds.

The Berkshire is most famous for its taste, which is quite unlike that of modern pork.

It is difficult to describe the taste as it is a combination of a sweet, rich flavour, delicate texture and an unbelievable level of juiciness, that will really have you scratching your head to convince yourself that it is pork. However, the good thing is that now, thanks to resurgence of interest in heritage breeds raised in open systems, you too can enjoy the wonderful experience of kurobuta pork.

The few pigs that remain on small farms have been slowly increasing breeding numbers through careful conservation.  Limited numbers are harvested and made available for farm gate sales.
The best way to ensure the survival of rare and endangered livestock is to build consumer demand. Unlike endangered animals in a zoo, farm stock has to pay its way.

These animals need a market to encourage farmers to keep them. The more demand, the less rare they become.

Weanling Pigs

Superb piglets available in the spring and autumn. These piglets are up to 12 weeks old, weaned from sow at 6 weeks and pasture fed until sale, supplemented on cracked corn, fruit and vegetables.

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