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Heritage Pigs for sale

In the tradition of mixed farms, before the boom of industrial agriculture, farmers and smallholders always kept a modest number of what are now known as 'heritage' pigs.

From time to time we have stud stock available for sale from the three breeds we enjoy and grow at Quatrè Saisons.

Raising pork for home consumption is simple and well worthwhile.

In days gone by, heritage pigs were reknowned as naturally thrifty economic necessity on small farms, providing a seasonal income no matter  the weather. Hardy animals raised for their meat, bacon and lard, many a homestead, child's education or household 'extras' have been provided by a piggie. The food chain worked beautifully for all concerned, the pigs lived easily off the land on grass, grains and windfall fruit from the family orchards, and occasionally excess milk or whey from the dairy providing high protein fantastic quality meat and cooking products that kept many households ticking over all winter long, with an extra animals sold for cash income or traded with another family for some skill or need.

All Quatrè Saisons stud stock is pure bred, offered as registered stock or unregistered as required.

The idea is to preserve heritage breed genetics by growing them, enjoying and promoting them. On a global scale, it is foolish to have only a handful of commercial livestock breeds which have all the same traits. A new, dangerous illness, or a radical change in the world's climate, could wipe them out in no time without enough variation in the genetic pool available for them to recover.

Australian consumers are increasingly aware that heritage pork breeds offer a different taste sensation. Pork meat that is complex in flavour, dense in structure and not full of 'water'. 'Slow' grown pigs, and other naturally raised livestock, are not suited for the intensive farming techniques being used nowadays, and some of the older breeds are in danger of being lost forever.

Specialist butchers that promote heritage pork ensure the meat they provide thier valued customers is top grade, unadulterated by 'processing' and comes from pure and cross-bred livestock. Crosses are useful where a particular market supply niche is needed and combine the best genetic traits of both breeds.

To join our suppliers please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Berkshire Boars-NOW SOLD OUT!

These handsome young pigs are now all allocated to new homes- so please register your interest for future animals via this link.

Price: $0.00 / animal

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Cornish Black/ Berkshire cross piglets

Weaner piglets (very cute!) ready to enjoy in your yard as they eat their way towards a spit roast for that special Christmas or  grow on for freezer 

  • Gilts $130 each
  • Uncastrated Shoats $100 each
  • Barrows $180.

Price: $0.00 / varies

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Pure bred Berkshire piglets

Purebred RARE Berkshire Piglets

Very Docile Great Temperament 
Fantastic 'grow your own' Free Range Pork
Still with sow, but also feeding very well on mashed grain and Veg
Ready to go

Females $180 plus GST each

Males $150 plus GST each

Barrows $220 plus GST on request

Price: $0.00 / varies

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Pigs and digging

Our piggies live a natural and useful life, and mesh positively with other aspects of sustainable farming. The pigs are very efficient at ploughing up the spaces I give over to them, currently preparing an 1800 sq metre space that will be planted with nuts, apple and pear trees in late winter/spring. They have been chomping all the deep roots of the tufted grass and really giving the area a great turn over. Pigs have really amazing strength in their noses! We do not ring our pigs noses, and find that being well handled and socialised in family groupings they are easily contained by regular fencing configerations, adding a single strand of electric. 

wallowing pigs