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Briars School House

Quatre Saisons is a family owned and run small holding.   It didn’t start off as a business- my goal was simply to provide the healthiest lifestyle and produce for my family. For us, this is just ‘home’.

At 1390 metres above sea level, this property is very well named with distinct seasons and often a variety of weather extremes in a single day.  We have incredible views across the east towards Gundaroo and west to Murrumbateman, without a single dwelling in sight.

The landscape is varied with grassy open pastures, hidden mossy gorges, dense eucalypt forest, towering stands of stringy bark, steep gullies and stony shale ridges.

Eagles soar above the treetops and float through our valley.

With an incredible abundance of wild life and unique flora, it didn’t take too long to realise what a special place Quatre Saisons actually is, and how blessed we feel to live here.

And so I decided to share this hidden rich environment in some way.

Like most special things in life, we found Quatre Saisons quite by accident and I always say that the property ‘found us’.  Set on the tail end of the Mundoonen Ranges, its ruggedness and extremes of topography made it unsuitable for the usual pastoral activity in the Yass Valley, grazing fine wool merino sheep- so it remained undeveloped and virtually untouched-organic by neglect.

First subdivided from a much larger parcel and sold in 1986, the property remaimed ungrazed and undeveloped for a further 20 years.

There are two separate titles in this parcel of land- Quatre Saisons Farm and an annexure of 2.9 hectares known as the Briars School House, it has been a NSW Government gazetted school site since 1840. The last class was in 1964.

As a teacher the notion of education is important to me and the Briar’s School House offered an opportunity to allow visitors to come here and share.

Environmental groups and university students have been accessing the property to teach and learn about plant regeneration after major fire events, catalogue the over 80 species of mature eucalypt, observe fauna, collect wildflower specimens and seeds.

Farmers groups come to see the way we manage our livestock, study the impacts of remineralisation and carbon profiling of the soils. 

School groups experience the richness of a real working farm set in a pristine environment and learn about bush ecology, grow their knowledge of Australian fauna and the local flora in a way that is hands on and provide a basis for ongoing understanding of indigenous landscapes.

Choosing to share comes at a cost, and so the simple notion to be self sufficient has expanded to include growing additional produce and marketing our extra stud animals as a way to support the education activities undertaken at the Briar’s School House.

Please contact us to discuss a visit for your group.

Rebuilding the Schoolhouse

The Briars Schoolhouse was destroyed in the fires that raged through the Yass Valley in 1998.

In 2007 we had an agreement in principal from Yass Valley Council to look at replacing the structures on the school house block. Negotiations are continuing with the Council.

Over the next few years we hope to rebuild the schoolhouse in a close replica of the original buildings as an education centre. This will provide a dedicated all weather space for the many groups that come to learn about Quatre Saisons' forest and wildlife.